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Baby Shower & Christening Cakes

Did someone say cake?

From baby showers, to baptisms, christenings and Holy Communions.

When size matters.

The size of the cake will depend on how many guests you have and if you have other desserts. 

Cakes for larger events can be stacked, 2 or 3 tiers per the below.

6" cakes are recommended for coffee serve for 20-25 people starts from $160

8" cakes are recommended for coffee serve for 30 people starts from $180


What's your flavour?
This one comes down to your preference and taste but the classics are always a good place to start.
Chocolate mud, white chocolate mud, vanilla cake, red velvet, coconut, turkish delight, orange blossom.


It's what's on the inside that counts.

I specialise in buttercream cakes which complement a variety of fillings.
Think lemon curd, strawberry or raspberry jam, freeze-dried berries, fresh fruit, crushed nuts, thick caramel sauce or popcorn.


Finishing touches.

The finish will depend on your theme or colour preferences.

You can finish your cake with a simple naked cake style or even some fresh* or preserved* flowers or even hand-made fondant figurines*.

+$extra*price to be quoted depending on style and flowers selected.


If you have a cake in mind for your next celebration, request a quote and let us help you create the cake of your dreams.

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